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Post  Admin on Tue Jun 04, 2013 7:26 am

It seems like someone is always complaining about the photo galleries, so I set up each gallery in one of the four options available. I'll be out of town for the week and that should give you all a chance to check which layout/design you like and then post the date of the gallery you like most. Ya ya ya I know you like the old site better, well to bad the old site was a pita to keep up, changes had been made to the foundation that caused some of the add ons to know longer work. The site is new and different and as new features are offered, those features can be added with out breaking the foundation. However at this time that does mean there are only four gallery designs available, so instead of complaining; please just let me know which layout is best at this time.
1: practice 2013
2: April 6th
3: April 20th
4: May 18th



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